John Lane Review

DeedGrabber’s Review of…John Lane and – Scam or the “Real Deal”?

John Lane and his site, in fact provide accurate information about tax sale investing – one of the few out sites about tax sales that do. You’ll probably want to even sign up for the site because of free benefits such as a free tax sale calendar and ability to purchase lists for past and future sales.

The question is, “Is tax sale investing really for you?” If you want to get cheap property from tax sales, you’ll hardly ever find it! Discover why this is the case, and how you CAN get properties year-round with little or no competition, in any area of the country, with my “Underground Tax Sale Strategies” report.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Avoid long waits for tax liens to mature – get property immediately
  • Prevent competitive bidding from killing tax sale bargains
  • Get properties with minimal, or no cash investment
  • Earn money AFTER the sale helping owners recover tax sale overages

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